RohrbacherTM Technologies - the manufacturer of the world's first Titanium Acoustic Guitar Strings (U.S. Patent 6, 348, 646) - is bringing you one step closer to strings that last forever. Check out The RohrbacherTM Advantage, and see what our customers have to say.

RohrbacherTM Technologies has introduced the solution for acidic hands - titanium core, nickel wound, corrosion proof strings for acoustic guitar - designed to replace light gauge steel sets. For complete information see RohrbacherTM products.

This accelerated test illustrates the effects of moisture and salts on the relative corrosion rate of conventional vs. RohrbacherTM strings.

Dr. Buzz's Tech Corner has all the technical notes about what distinguishes RohrbacherTM String's from everything else on the market. For quicker answers, read the Frequently Asked Questions or take a moment and listen to the music made by RohrbacherTM strings.

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